Mallory: writer, wife, mother to daughters.

I hope this space serves as a launchpad for us to get acquainted.  Mostly, it's a small corner for my writing, just a taste. It is an invitation for you to accompany me in the trenches of my current works in progress.  I am only ever seeking the story in ordinary things, in faces of cloudy-haired women shopping with me at the garden center. There's a lot of noise on the internet, a lot of hands raised begging for your attention. This is a corner for courage lost and found, for the circle of fog blown on the window by your 4-year-old, the love note left on your nightstand,  the sheen of the ladybug climbing your finger, the burned eggs; this is a corner for the kite lost in the wind.  If you are looking for peace and quiet I hope you find it here. 


contact: malloryhanna@gmail.com