small thoughts on 2012 and beyond

Dear people who still read my blog, I am filled with a pestering anxiety to record the happenings of the last wonderful and occasionally tormenting year with all three of you. But then that all begins to seem overwhelmingly wasteful as we are finally saying “goodbye 2012 and good riddance!”  And yet, some remarkable things happened in 2012 so we can't disown the poor year entirely.

In 2012, we moved to the South (having never lived in the south and having never spent time there this was an adventure) the husband started a new job (same company new position).  After a few months Claire was successfully potty trained and accident free, phew. Then there was that foggy few weeks we were pent up in a dingy hotel with an active two year old where we spent way too much time with play dough, and I may have developed a nervous twitch. Oh but then we moved into our first house and it was glorious. We had ourselves the sweetest little red head, yes she is a red head and I am in love with her.  And for the grand finale poor Markus underwent TWO major hip surgeries within TWO months...that is a lot of hip surgeries even in the hip surgery world. He was so rocking the Mr. Bates/Dr. House limp and cane. He has become such an expert in the pain department he could endure terrorist interrogations without a flinch

Despite 2012's wrath of the unexpected, so many great things happened to us last year that cannot easily be written or explained. They are things you can't see or hold, things that happened deep inside us that made us stronger, and wiser, that made us look at our children differently that made us look at each other longer, things that made us appreciate this little brick house with fervor.

We have been welcoming 2013 with deep breaths because it already feels calmer, lighter, airier.
And if it isn't.... we will be okay,
that's what was great about 2012.